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Sworn translation

May 25, 2015 / by admin / In Uncategorized / Comments Off on Sworn translation

  • Registry documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates of legal capacity to marry (certificates of no impediment)
  • vehicle registration documents, contracts of sale
  • employment contracts, sailor’s contracts, employment certificates, opinions, references, confirmations of employment, salary certificates
  • school certificates, diplomas, Master’s diplomas, Bachelor’s diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, supplements, transcripts of record
  • certificates from municipal offices, tax offices and other
  • certificate of good conduct, CRB certificates, address registration certificates
  • tax returns, proofs of income, etc.
  • identification documents, driving licenses
  • test results, hospital discharge summaries, sick notes, hospital treatment cards
  • proofs of insurance, insurance policies, insurance history certificates
  • judgments and judicial decisions, pleadings, lawsuits, wills
  • decisions of customs offices, marine offices and other
  • documents certifying doing business (REGON, NIP, VAT forms)
  • deeds, reports, minutes, charters, memoranda, articles of association
  • certificates of veterinary inspection
  • tender documents
  • balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, audits
  • commercial agreements, documents for EU projects

and many more.

The cost of the translated text is calculated based on the number of pages in the target language.

A standard page contains 1600 characters (including spaces). In the case of sworn/certified translations a page equals 1125 characters (including spaces).

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